Crystal System: Cubic
Status of Occurrence: Unconfirmed Occurrence
Distribution: Rare
Chemical Composition: Antimony hydroxide
Chemical Formula: Sb3+Sb25+O6(OH)
Method(s) of Verification: Bwlch Mine - not fully verified. Russell was a very experienced mineralogist and his description is consistent with stibiconite, but further verification is required

Geological Context:

  • Supergene: in situ natural oxidation & weathering deposits
Introduction: stibiconite is a secondary mineral in oxidized antimony-bearing hydrothermal mineral deposits. It commonly forms through the alteration of stibnite (SbS), which it may replace entirely.
Occurrence in Wales: stibiconite is mentioned by Russell (1944) as an alteration product on the exterior of stibnite specimens obtained from Bwlch Mine near Deganwy in North Wales. However, no formal method of identification is given and therefore the status remains unconfirmed.

Key Localities:

  • Bwlch Mine, Deganwy, Gwynedd: described by Russell (1944) as thin yellow resinous crusts coating stibnite from the old mine dump.


  1. Russell, A., 1944. Notes on some minerals either new or rare in Britain. Mineralogical Magazine, 27, 1-10.