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Crystal System: Monoclinic
Status of Occurrence: Confirmed Occurrence
Distribution: Locally Abundant
Chemical Composition: Magnesium aluminium sulphate hydrate
Chemical Formula: MgAl2(SO4)4•22H2O
Method(s) of Verification: specimens from the Coal Measures in South Wales are confirmed as near end-member pickeringite by both XRD and EDS (see, Cotterell, 2009 for full details); material from Gwynfynydd mine is mid-series in composition.

Chemical Group:

Geological Context:

Silky white fibres (up to 25 mm long) of pickeringite from the Five-Feet Seam, Cymmer Colliery. National Museum of Wales Collection (NMW 28.584.GR.1). Photo M.P. Cooper, © National Museum of Wales.

Introduction: pickeringite is a supergene mineral that forms commonly on the walls of mines as an alteration product of pyrite. It forms a series with halotrichite (FeAl2(SO4)4•22H2O.
Occurrence in Wales: two occurrences of pickeringite in Wales were recorded by Bevins (1994), both forming post-mining deposits related to oxidation of sulphides. A review of halotrichite group minerals in Wales (Cotterell, 2009) has shown that material from Gwynfynydd mine is actually mid-series in composition and material from Parys Mountain is near end-member halotrichite. However, all of the specimens of coarse silky-white fibrous halotrichite from the South Wales Coalfield have been shown to be near end-member pickeringite in composition. Therefore pickeringite is now classified as a valid Welsh mineral species.

Key Localities:


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