Crystal System: Monoclinic
Status of Occurrence: Confirmed Occurrence
Distribution: Rare
Chemical Composition: Nickel magnesium iron sulphate hydrate
Chemical Formula: (Ni,Mg,Fe)SO4.6H2O
Method(s) of Verification: confirmed by Prof. P.A. Williams at the University of Western Sydney, but analytical methods not known at present.

Chemical Group:

  • Sulphates

Geological Context:

  • Supergene: in situ natural oxidation & weathering deposits
Introduction: a member of the hexahydrite group, dimorphous with retgersite, which forms as secondary coatings associated with nickel-rich mine waters.
Occurrence in Wales: bright green surface alteration on brassy acicular millerite crystals found within clay ironstone nodules in the South Wales Coalfield has traditionally been called morenosite without analytical confirmation. Recent investigations have shown nickelhexahydrite to be present and have failed to detect morenosite (P.A. Williams, unpublished data).

Key Localities:

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