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Arcanum: mapping 18th-century European porcelain

It is nearly 300 years since the 'arcanum' — the secret of making porcelain — was discovered at Meissen in Germany, and it is now difficult to appreciate the huge impact this had. Porcelain was a material with many meanings: not only a status symbol and a sign of fashionable taste, but also a diplomatic tool and a marker of technical progress and economic strength. In this exhibition, ceramicist and writer Edmund de Waal uses the important collection of 18th-century European porcelain at the National Museum & Gallery to highlight some of the fascinating stories that the collection tells,brings the story up to date with his own work.

The exhibition is accompanied by a booklet containing essays on the exhibition's themes alongside photographs that document the project.

The exhibition is also accompanied by a FREE series of lunchtime talks at 12.05pm and repeated at 1.05pm.