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Cyfoeth Cymru Gyfan — Sharing Treasures

Chepstow Museum
Chepstow Museum
Abergavenny Museum
Abergavenny Museum
Holiday of a Lifetime
A Holiday of a Lieftime
Llangollen Museum
Llangollen Museum

This scheme supports the loan of national collections across Wales. It encourages sustainable partnerships between local museums, Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales and other national institutions, working together on activities associated with an exhibition as well as sharing and developing skills.

A pilot phase involving five museums was launched in 2002 and since 2004 the scheme has been operated by CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries. A review carried out in 2010 recommended broadening the scheme enabling the involvement of libraries and archives as well as museums. Previous partners were encouraged to make further use of upgraded facilities and smaller organisations were encouraged to apply. A further recommendation was the development of projects involving other UK National institutions and the development of touring exhibitions.

Thirteen Museums have received funding since 2002 and in total there has been over £730,000 invested with £630,000 of funding provided by the Welsh Government. In 2012-2013 only, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) made an extra £100,000 available from the Your Heritage programme in addition to the £100,000 made available by the Welsh Government.

In January 2013 Amgueddfa Cymru worked with Wrexham Museum on their successful exhibition ‘A Holiday of a Lifetime: The Grand Tour, Art & Wales’ which explored the cultural impact of Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn’s Grand Tour of Italy and France in the 18th century. It involved the creation and staging of an exhibition featuring the work of those artists he sponsored on his return. It ran from January to April 2013 attracting over 5,000 visitors and secured wide media coverage. Staff at the museum worked with schools and community groups to create six Community Case displays and a team of volunteers created interpretative content for the exhibition and assisted in the training of the gallery enablers. Prior to the exhibition, four volunteers visited Cardiff National Museum to research the 18th century art collections. They visited the conservation studios and met with curatorial staff. During the exhibition, the Keeper of Art at Amgueddfa Cymru gave a talk at Wrexham Museum on ‘The Williams Wynn Art Collections’.

Amgueddfa Cymru are currently working with Chepstow, Abergavenny and Llangollen Museums on their forthcoming projects.

The Art and Archaeology of Abbeys in Monmouthshire will explore the cultural impact of the two sites through two concurrent exhibitions at Chepstow Museum and Abergavenny Museum. The project utilises the galleries upgraded through previous Sharing Treasures programmes at both museums and a programme of associated events and activities will be organised at the museums and other community venues.

A Community and Participation officer has been recruited to involve sections of the community that do not usually engage with the museums and get their input into the development of the exhibition. Monmouthshire Museum Service will identify and plan a series of events to complement the exhibition. It is intended that these activities will be a mixture of hands-on events and academic talks.

The exhibitions are due to open in May 2014.

Telling the Story of Valle Crucis Abbey and the Eliseg’s Pillar Site at Llangollen Museum will centre on finds from archaeological excavations at the Abbey and the Pillar loaned from AC-NMW, the National Library of Wales and the British Library. The exhibition will bring to life the story of the site through objects, 3D building mock up, audio-visual and computer interactive displays.

Educational sessions will be held with local schools plus a number of events within the local community both to inform them about the project and to encourage people to find out more about the Abbey and the Pillar.

The exhibition is due to open in June 2014.