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Peregrines on the City Hall Clock Tower 2014

From April – July 2014

The adult Peregrines, named Gavin and Stacey by a local school, first nested on the clock tower in 2007, after chasing off a pair of Ravens and taking their nest.

Breeding success has been mixed over the years. Last year they raised one youngster, a female who was still around the tower in September.

The pair have kept a low profile so far this year but despite this and the cold weather the female has laid eggs and started incubating on about the 20th March.

Let's hope they are successful again this year.

The RSPB will be running occasional weekend events during the late spring and summer in Gorsedd Gardens where telescopes will be available to get a closer view. In the mean time keep a check on the Peregrine Cam to follow their progress.


Visit the peregrine display in the Museum to see the new web camera, which gives great close-up views of the peregrines!

Would you like to volunteer?

Fancy volunteering with the RSPB on the peregrine project? Then why not give Laura Reynolds a call on (029) 2035 3276 or email her at, or phone (029) 2035 3276.

You can find out what nest activity the volunteers have been seeing by visiting our We Love Wales pages


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