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Cader Idris
Crescentic plaque from Llyn Cerrig Bach
Trevithick's steam locomotive
Katheryn of Berain, 'The Mother of Wales'

About this site

Rhagor (Welsh for ‘more’) offers unprecedented access to the amazing stories that lie behind our collections.

It brings together for the first time a multidisciplinary approach, cross referencing topics and themes to bring you an encompassed view of the five million items we care for - from a complete coal mine in south Wales to thousands of microscopic organisms invisible to the naked eye.

Read about unbound wealth and desperate poverty, chequered histories and political conflicts, cave men and the Industrial Revolution, animals on the verge of extinction and the mega beasts that once roamed Wales.

Rhagor was launched on 31 August 2007. It is designed to grow steadily as more information on our collections and research activities is added.

Rhagor includes a wealth of resources to accompany authoritative articles, including dazzling image galleries, quizzes, timelines, and interactive image 'Navigators'. To help you find your way around there are dynamic maps of Wales displaying stories relevant to your area, alongside intuitive cross-referenced category listings.

You can also see at a glance what's new to the site. Check back regularly to discover more about the fascinating stories our collections have to tell.

If you have any comments or questions about the site, please let us know by filling in the Enquiries & Feedback form at the base of the page.

To view some of the interactive features, you will need Flash Player 9 or higher. Download this for free from the Adobe website.