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1066 - 1536

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A selection of folk narratives from the extensive collections in the sound archive at St Fagans


Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales operates seven national museums across Wales.

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A selection of art works from Art Collections Online.

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  • ArticlesWales – a modern maritime nation?

    26 September 2013

    [image: Painting of the Breconian.]

    Wales has a long and often spectacular coastline, over 850 miles in length, and nowhere in the country is more than some forty miles from the sea. This proximity to the sea has given rise to lengthy periods in our history when the Welsh were enthusiastic seafarers – but this was not always the case...
  • ArticlesThe Llandaf Diptych

    29 June 2012

    [image: Llandaf Diptych]

    Medieval diptychs and triptychs were two- and three-panel images intended to aid devotion and meditation of Christ's life and suffering. A right hand ivory diptych panel from Llandaff housed in the collections at Amgueddfa Cymru has recently been reunited with its left hand panel for the first time in over a century.
  • ArticlesCatherine of the Wheel

    1 November 2007

    [image: St Catherine ]

    What do a firework and a painting from a medieval church have in common?

  • ArticlesRaglan Castle

    6 September 2007