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1536 - 1799 AD

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A selection of folk narratives from the extensive collections in the sound archive at St Fagans


Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales operates seven national museums across Wales.

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A selection of art works from Art Collections Online.





    • InteractivesCardiff landscape, 1678

      21 February 2011

      [image: Cardiff 1678]

      Sketched by Francis Place in 1678 as two separate views of Cardiff, Amgueddfa Cymru has digitally scanned and stitched the two together to reveal for the first time this unique view of Cardiff.


    • PagesThe Gorsedd of the Bards

      13 March 2007

      [image: ]

      The Gorsedd of the Bards of the Isle of Britain is a society of poets, writers, musicians, artists and individuals who have made a notable contribution to the nation, its language and culture. It operates through the medium of the Welsh language.