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A selection of folk narratives from the extensive collections in the sound archive at St Fagans


Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales operates seven national museums across Wales.

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A selection of art works from Art Collections Online.

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  • GalleriesFaces of Wales gallery

    27 July 2007

    [image: Mary Evans]

    This gallery introduces you to the most fascinating 'faces of wales', including faces from the world of politics, the theatre, sports and literature - all men and women who in their time changed the face of Wales.

  • GalleriesBotanical illustrations

    13 July 2007

    [image: ]

    A selection of sumptuous botanical illustrations from the collections at Amgueddfa Cymru.


  • InteractivesPerseus and the Graiae: Explore the painting

    27 May 2013

    [image: Perseus and the Graiae]

    This remarkable work occupies the boundary between painting and sculpture and was the centerpiece of one of Burne-Jones's most ambitious narrative schemes.

  • InteractivesCardiff landscape, 1678

    21 February 2011

    [image: Cardiff 1678]

    Sketched by Francis Place in 1678 as two separate views of Cardiff, Amgueddfa Cymru has digitally scanned and stitched the two together to reveal for the first time this unique view of Cardiff.

  • InteractivesFaces of Wales timeline

    30 August 2007

    [image: Mary Evans]

    This timeline introduces you to the most fascinating 'Faces of Wales' - spanning 500 years of Welsh history


  • PagesArt collections online

    6 April 2007

    [image: art online]

    A catalogue of the paintings and sculptures in the Art collections of Amgueddfa Cymru. It lists around two thousand works which form the core of our Art collection, with biographical information on over nine hundred artists who are represented in it.