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A selection of folk narratives from the extensive collections in the sound archive at St Fagans


Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales operates seven national museums across Wales.

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A selection of art works from Art Collections Online.

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Historic Buildings at St. Fagans National History Museum

Details on over forty original buildings from various historical periods in Wales re-erected in our 100-acre parkland.

Under the Golden Fern

Oral evidence from the archives from St Fagans: National History Museum




  • GalleriesCoal Miners' Badges

    13 July 2012

    [image: coal miners' badges]

    There are many examples of badges connected to the coal industry. These badges were usually produced during industrial disputes or following mining disasters and were often sold to raise funds. Amgueddfa Cymru have several hundred examples of these these badges, some of which are now available to view online.


  • PagesHistory of the Welsh Eisteddfodau

    6 April 2007

    [image: Harp]

    Although the history of the Eisteddfod may traced back to a bardic competition held in Cardigan Castle in 1176, the roots of the modern National Eisteddfod as we know it today lie in the latter part of the eighteenth century.