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The Welsh dialect of Ffynnongroyw, East Clwyd

North East Wales Welsh

[image: dwi ddim gyn newid]

dwi ddim gyn newid

Listen to Ness Davies from Ffynnongroyw talking in a East Clwyd dialect of Welsh in Chapter 2 of this story.

The recording

An example of the Welsh dialect of north-east Wales. Ness Davies of Ffynnongroyw was born in 1917 and recorded by St Fagans:National History Museum.

An example of the Welsh dialect of Ffynnongroyw, North East Wales by Ness Davies. There is a transcript in the Welsh language version of the chapter.

Notes on the recording

[image: dwi ddim gyn newid]

dwi ddim gyn newid

Please see the Welsh version of this story for notes on the recordings.

Article Date: 31 March 2011

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Ken Davies on 19 November 2011, 09:44

Could someone let me know when this recording was made? I was born and raised in the village and remember a time when Welsh was the language of the streets, shops and work. there was a good deal of English, of course, but the atmosphere was overwhelmingly Welsh at a time when the coastal towns and villages had already been thoroughly Anglicised.
I studied Linguistics at Bangor, and wonder has any work been done on the English dialect of the village and its rapid changes in recent years?
Ness was my uncle, and it is delightful to hear his voice.
Ken Davies

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