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Cwm Carn Boxing Club

We want to create a contemporary dresser, one that reflects what is important to people today.

Objects curated by different communities from around Wales will be displayed in the Oriel 1 gallery at St Fagans National History Museum, for 6 months at a time, and then returned to their owners.

These will reflect the story of Wales today, just as the traditional Welsh dresser reflected the history of families over the centuries.

If you'd like to know more, or get involved, please contact Owain Rhys, Curator of Contemporary Life on (029) 2057 3428 or email

This digital story features members of the Cwm Carn Boxing Club explaining why they chose their objects for display in the Community Dresser. The video is English language and requires Flash Player, which can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.

Cwm Carn Video

Why Cwm Carn Boxing Club, near Newbridge?

Every year, on the Sunday nearest to 11 November, a Rememberance ceremony is held at the Newbridge War Memorial at St Fagans National History Museum.

To co-incide with 2008 Rememberance events, ninety years after the armistice, it was decided to link the Newbridge of the past with the Newbridge of the present.

Because Cwm Carn Boxing Club takes great pride in the sweeping success of local boxer Joe Calzaghe, and because photographs of Cwm Carn ex-boxers who fell in battle adorn the walls of the gym, the trainers, boxers and future champions were asked to display objects associated with the theme 'Remembering'.

Their objects are on display in Oriel 1 between November 2008 and May 2009.

These are the things they chose, and why:

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