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Quiz: 200 Years of Industrial Innovation at Ebbw Vale

"In the mid-19th century the Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron & Coal Company was one of the largest iron producers in South Wales. It was of international importance, not only in terms of size, but also for technical innovation." Here are some questions about '200 Years of Industrial Innovation at Ebbw Vale'. Ready?

Q1. When was the first blast furnace established in Ebbw Vale?

 1. 1770

 2. 1790

 3. 1810

 4. 1830

Q2. Which of these ironwork plants were NOT absorbed by the Ebbw Vale Company after it was formed?

 1. Abersychan

 2. Sirhowy

 3. Abercynon

 4. Pontypool

Q3. The Ebbw Vale company was one of the first to experiment with WHICH form of transport?

 1. Cars

 2. Locomotives

 3. Motorcycles

 4. Aeroplanes

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