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Quiz: A 'mystery' Victoria Cross and a stuffed parrot

"In 1917 William Williams was awarded the Victoria Cross for his role in the sinking of a German submarine." Here are some questions on the article 'A 'mystery' Victoria Cross medal and a stuffed parrot' - get ready!

Q1. What ship was William Williams serving on when he received the Victoria Cross?

 1. H.M.S. Hecla

 2. H.M.S. Pargust

 3. H.M.S. Farnborough

 4. H.M.S. Dunraven

Q2. How many medals did William Williams win while serving?

 1. Six

 2. Seven

 3. Eight

 4. Nine

Q3. Where was William Williams from?

 1. Anglesey

 2. Bardsey

 3. Skomer

 4. Barry

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