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Quiz: Caerleon - City of the Legion

"Home to Rome's 2nd Augustan Legion for over two centuries, Caerleon is the best preserved Roman fortress in Wales." Here are some questions on the article 'Caerleon - City of the Legion'. Are you ready? Click next if you are!

Q1. How was the fortress at Caerleon known to the Romans?

 1. Isca

 2. Eburacum

 3. Deva

 4. Tamium

Q2. The fortress at Isca was home to which legion?

 1. The first Tiberian legion

 2. The second Augustan legion

 3. The third Vespasian legion

 4. The fourth Claudian legion

Q3. How much land did the fortress cover?

 1. 20 acres

 2. 30 acres

 3. 40 acres

 4. 50 acres

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