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Quiz: Radioactive watches at Amgueddfa Cymru

Some of the watches in our collections glow in the dark! Because they are radioactive, the watches in question now have to be treated with care, making their conservation, accessibility and display a big challenge. Here are some questions on the article 'Radioactive watches at Amgueddfa Cymru'. Click next to test your knowledge!

Q1. What material causes the watch hands to glow in the dark?

 1. Strontium

 2. Radium

 3. Polonium

 4. Shinium

Q2. Who discovered Radium in 1898?

 1. Marie Curie

 2. Antoine Henri Becquerel

 3. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

 4. Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard

Q3. In what year did Marie Curie die from exposure to radiation?

 1. 1926

 2. 1930

 3. 1934

 4. 1938

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