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Quiz: Distinguished Service - Medals for Campaign & Gallantry

The Museum's collections of British medals were formed back in the 1920s thanks to gifts from two men. Here are some questions on the article 'Distinguished Service - Medals for Campaign & Gallantry'.

Q1. The earliest medal in the collection is the 'Forlorn Hope' badge - for which war was it awarded?

 1. The Napoleonic Wars

 2. The Thirty Years' War

 3. The First World War

 4. The Civil War

Q2. In which year were the George Cross and the George Medal created?

 1. 1920

 2. 1930

 3. 1940

 4. 1950

Q3. The Albert Medal was introduced in 1866, and for the first 11 years of it's existence it was awarded for gallantry ... where?

 1. At sea

 2. In the air

 3. On land

 4. In mines and quarries

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