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Quiz: Industry to Impressionism - what two sisters did for Wales

Gwendoline and Margaret Davies, two sisters from mid-Wales, were among the first people in Britain to collect French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. Their idealism and generosity had a remarkable impact on cultural and intellectual life in Wales, which is still with us today. Here are some questions on the article 'Industry to Impressionism - what two sisters did for Wales'. Click next to proceed...

Q1. In what year did the Davies sisters seriously begin collecting artworks?

 1. 1900

 2. 1904

 3. 1908

 4. 1912

Q2. What name was given to the hall and printing press purchased by the Davies sisters in the early 1920s?

 1. Gomer

 2. Llancaiach

 3. Aeron

 4. Gregynog

Q3. What was the name of the Davies sisters' father?

 1. John

 2. David

 3. Matthew

 4. Steve

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