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Quiz: A Sisley painting of the south Wales coast

The art collections Amgueddfa Cymru include a view of the south Wales coast painted by Alfred Sisley. La falaise a Penarth, le soir, marée basse (The cliff at Penarth, evening, low tide) is one of the Welsh coastal views Sisley painted during his visit in 1897. They are the only pictures of Wales ever painted by a leading Impressionist.
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Q1. Where was Alfred Sisley born?

 1. Vienna

 2. Rome

 3. Paris

 4. London

Q2. The landscape painting mentioned in the article features which Welsh seaside town?

 1. Llandudno

 2. Aberaeron

 3. Fishguard

 4. Penarth

Q3. In what year did Alfred Sisley die?

 1. 1899

 2. 1901

 3. 1903

 4. 1905

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