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The Scientific Heritage of Wales: The Way Forward

Does Wales need a National Science Museum to preserve and celebrate the country's scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical legacy?

[image: Dr George Deacon's Dam at Lake Vyrnwy]

Dr George Deacon's Dam at Lake Vyrnwy

[image: Sir Thomas Lewis, pioneer of the radiocardiograph]

Sir Thomas Lewis, pioneer of the radiocardiograph

Amgueddfa Cymru — National Museum Wales hosted a one day conference on Thursday, 18 March 2010 to explore our scientific heritage, how it is currently preserved and presented, and to explore possible ways forward.

[image: Sir William Robert Grove, fuel cell technology pioneer]

Sir William Robert Grove, fuel cell technology pioneer

Through a series of talks, discussions and workshops, those leading the conference explored:

  • The development of the History of Science
  • The contribution of Wales, its people and Amgueddfa Cymru — National Museum Wales to the development of science and technology
  • How Wales compares with other countries such as Scotland
  • The theory and practice of collecting material relating to the history of science
  • The communication of science and the challenges of making the subject accessible for young people
  • The potential role of new media technology in preserving and representing scientific heritage


[image: Science and Wales]



A National History of Science
Professor John V Tucker, School of Physical Sciences, Swansea University




The Study of Science at Amgueddfa Cymru
Dr Eurwyn Wiliam, Keeper Emeritus, Amgueddfa Cymru


[image: The History of Science]



Perspectives on the History of Science
Dr Jeff Hughes, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine, University of Manchester


Science Matters, Science Materiel: A Historical Perspective on the Collecting of the Material Culture of Sciences
Dr Adam Mosley, Senior Lecturer: Department of History & Classics, Swansea University


[image: Comparative Case Study]



From the Enlightenment to Modern Times: Collecting and Displaying Science in Scottish Society at National Museums Scotland
Dr Alison Morrison-Low, Principal Curator of Science, National Museums Scotland