Weapons and Armour!

National Roman Legion Museum

Discover what life was like for a soldier in the Roman army. In this visit to our reconstructed barrack room a costumed facilitator will show you the weapons and armour that the Romans used to fight off the Celts. Pupils also dress-up in replica children’s armour.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Led by Museum staff - £40 for up to 15 pupils, £60 for up to 35. Free for some schools (see booking information).

Explorer pack - for Amphitheatre and Barracks

National Roman Legion Museum

This replica Roman satchel contains instructions, information and objects designed to help your group understand how the Romans used the amphitheater and barracks. Objects include Roman coins, caltrops and sponges on sticks. 

No deposit is required but the satchel must be signed for by a teacher or group leader.

You can download the instructions before your visit.


Duration: 1 hour

Walking with Romans

National Roman Legion Museum

Experience the amphitheatre and barracks with your own Roman guide. Find out what life was like in the fortress nearly 2,000 years ago.


Dates: 6-10 June 2016
Cost: Led by Museum staff - £100 for up to 35 pupils. Free for some schools (see booking information).

Enterprise and Employability Challenge - Welsh Baccalaureate

National Roman Legion Museum

Key Stage 4 - National / Foundation

Approved by WJEC

Here are activities and resources created by Ross Thomas, former Welsh Baccalaureate Development Officer, in partnership with the WJEC,  to support you in delivering the coursework requirements for the new Welsh Baccalaureate 2015.

The resources consist of a challenge document for your assessed piece of work, along with a trial challenge which can help students prepare and develop skills for their project.

To help you experience business and the world of work you should work together with others in a team of 3-6 members and use skills and knowledge you have developed from researching Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales to design and develop an innovative product based on the collections at the museums. The product must be cost-effective, innovative and suitable for sale in the Amgueddfa Cymru shops.

Additional workshops to support your study are available. Please contact us for more details. Some workshops may be subject to charging.

Cost: Free of charge as is a self-led session.


Welsh Baccalaureate Key Stage 4 - National / Foundation

Enterprise and Employability Challenge - Product

FreeIn school

The First World War Education Project

National Roman Legion Museum

The National Library of Wales and National Museum Wales are leading a project to produce education resources for schools to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. As part of this project we are using items from the collections of both institutions to create digital teaching resources for Hwb.

Cost: For use in school - free of charge.