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The Mountains of Wales

John Piper - The Mountains of Wales

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During and just after the Second World War John Piper visited Wales several times to draw and paint the mountains. Like artists before and since he was drawn to the visual drama of the Welsh mountains, but he was also fascinated by their geology, as his artist's eye explored 'the bones and structure'.

Piper drove, cycled and climbed miles to reach his chosen locations where, however isolated, wet or windy the environment, he immersed himself in 'the "lie" of the mountains'. His spontaneous, fluid techniques seem at one with the rough textures and colours of the mountains and rocky outcrops.

Each of these powerful images express Piper's emotive relationship with the mountains of Wales.



Author: Melissa Munro and David Fraser Jenkins
Published: 2012
ISBN: 978 0 7200 0618 6
Binding: Paperback
No. pages: 96
Language: English

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