Get out of the classroom!

Join the 1000s of school scientists taking part in this exciting investigation. Adopt your own spring bulbs to help Professor Plant find out how the changing seasons are affecting spring flowers.

Since October 2005, school scientists across Wales have been keeping weather records and noting when their flowers open, as part of this long-term study looking at the effects of temperature on spring bulbs. 

We continue to work in partnership with the Edina Trust who support and fund the project. The Edina Trust have been running an extension project since 2011, extending the National Museum Wales core project to selected Edina schools in England and Scotland.

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How to get Involved:

Take daily weather readings using your rain gauge and a thermometer.
Upload your readings weekly through the 'Schools Login' button above. Remember to check your graphs to be sure there are no missing weeks!
Watch your plants closely. Read the 'keeping flower records' resource at the bottom of this page.
Once your plant has flowered, enter the flowering date and the height of your plant to the National Museum Wales website.


Number of schools involved this year:
Average temperature across all schools:
9 °C
Average rainfall across all schools:
6 mm
Total data collected so far this year:

Show School Locations & Results:


11 January 2016, Baby Bulb is growing!
21 December 2015, Happy Christmas Bulb Buddies!
30 November 2015, We are off to a fantastic start this year
13 October 2015, Planting Day 20th October!
6 July 2015, Nature Trip for Spring Bulb Project Winners 2015


Calendar of active weeks:
2 Nov6 November 2015
9 Nov13 November 2015
16 Nov20 November 2015
23 Nov27 November 2015
30 Nov4 December 2015
7 Dec11 December 2015
4 Jan8 January 2016
11 Jan15 January 2016
18 Jan22 January 2016
25 Jan29 January 2016
1 Feb5 February 2016
8 Feb12 February 2016
15 Feb19 February 2016
22 Feb26 February 2016
29 Feb4 March 2016
7 Mar11 March 2016
14 Mar18 March 2016
21 Mar24 March 2016 *
* Good Friday: 25 March 2016
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