St Teilo's Church reconstruction project

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Mural of St Christopher

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Moved stone by stone to the museum by heritage experts over twenty years and a distance of fifty miles, St Teilo's Church is an impressive project.

The building was originally situated outside Pontarddulais, near Swansea, and built in stages, from around 1100 to 1520.

Our reconstruction on the museum site takes the church back, beyond living memory, to 1520, when the interior was brightly decorated with murals, paintings and carvings.

Opened on October 14th, 2007 by the Most Reverend Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, the church attracts visitors from all walks of life: those interested in traditional building techniques, visual art, religious and social history will find plenty on offer in the building. The curious visitor also walks away with a great impression too, as the colourful decorations inside are hard to miss and very beautiful.