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John Neville Foulkes

This event has finished. 28 February–30 June 2013

[image: Neville Foulkes]

Neville Foulkes1

[image: Neville Foulkes 2]

[image: Neville Foulkes 3]

A selection of work by the late artist and sculptor John Neville Foulkes (1937 - 1997)

A Llanberis native, Neville Foulkes spent many years working at the Dinorwig Slate Quarry, which had a profound effect on his thoughts and ideas, which are well illustrated in this exhibition.

This exhibition displays a very small part of a huge collection of sculptures, prints and paintings.

There are several paintings of quarrymen - some with frightened, staring faces, standing, waiting to hear the worst news possible in the quarry!