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All / £30 / To book contact Sue Clow on 01974 282530

Rag Rugging Workshops

This event has finished. This event has finished. (Nb. Closed Sundays and Mondays October–March)

October Workshop: Make a woolly hat or scarf from a woolly jumper and decorate using rag rug techniques. Perfect for those breezy autumn walks.

November Workshop: Make a festive rag rug wreath which will last for years.

December Workshop: Small rag rug projects like flower brooches and other gifts and decorations.

January Workshop: Pegloom weaving with rags, creating a cushion pad sized rug.

February Workshop: Fine hooking techniques of rag rug making to produce pictures and wallhangings using fabric and yarn.

March Workshop: Locker hooking. Make small mats and decorative panels with various fabrics hooked through rug canvas and held in place with a locker thread.