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Adults / Free / Places limited book at the Information Desk.

Behind the Scenes: Natural Sciences

This event has finished. 11 March 2014, 1.05pm (National Museum Cardiff is open for most Bank Holidays, please check prior to your visit to ensure the museum will be open.)

Come behind-the-scenes to visit the natural science collections. Meet our museum scientists, learn about their research and how they look after and document the objects in their care.

Minerals of the South Wales Coalfield

Come and see the range of minerals that occur in the Carboniferous age Coal Measures rocks in South Wales. From beautiful golden, hair-like, crystals of millerite to the variety of quartz known locally as ‘Merthyr diamonds’ the minerals of the Coal Measures have intrigued scientists for hundreds of years.

Some tours may be unsuitable for visitors with restricted mobility, please email for further information.