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TalkArchaeology Lunchtime Talk: The Henry Stopes collection - a Victorian's passion for flint

National Museum Cardiff
9 October 2013 , 1.05pm

Elizabeth Walker, Department of Archaeology & Numismatics, National Museum of Wales (postponed from July 3rd)

During the latter part of the nineteenth century Henry Stopes amassed one of the largest collections of Palaeolithic handaxes in the country. This collection was to be one of the final acquisitions of the former Cardiff Museum purchased only weeks before its collections were transferred to the new National Museum. This talk will provide the history of this collection and tell how it is now informing modern archaeology. Recent archaeological work, including that done ahead of the construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, has provided this collection with a new life and the Stopes collection is now proving to be a very useful resource.

What's On