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TalkArchaeology Lunchtime Talk - 'Britain before England and after Rome: Letting the Metalwork talk'

National Museum Cardiff
20 November 2013 , 1.05pm

There are records in ink and on stone of British rulers, battles and territories before the great Anglo-Saxon advances of the mid 6th to mid 7th century. The dirt archaeology for the post-Imperial period is often fugitive and difficult, but there is also fine metalwork. Pieces made for the upper levels of society have something to say about how the owners saw themselves and wished to be seen. Some items ended up in the Wrong Hands, some were thought to be Irish, while northern Pictish evidence was too mysterious. But new finds, more evidence both positive and negative, more technical studies allow us to take another look at what was going on between the fifth and seventh centuries.

Susan Youngs is a former curator in the medieval section of the Department of Prehistory and Europe in the British Museum. Her interests lie in the cultures of post-Roman Britain and Ireland in the pre-Viking period and the world beyond the Anglo-Saxon territories. Recent publications consider types of fine-metalwork from the period and their contemporary significance.

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