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TalkLGBT Month Talk: Amy Dillwyn: loving women in a man's world

National Waterfront Museum
15 February 2014 , 2pm

The cigar-smoking, straight-talking Amy Dillwyn made a name for herself as self-styled 'man of business' when she took over her father's spelter works in 1892 and became a prominent Swansea industrialist.  Sometimes using a male character as a 'disguise', she wrote about her secret love for another woman in her novels. But in line with Victorian values, she also wrote openly about the adoration of one woman for another.  This talk is about contemporary and historical ideas of gender and sexuality and the connections between them. 

Talk by Dr Kirsti Bohata, Swansea University.  Kirsti Bohata is Director of the Centre for Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales.

What's On