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Textile Gallery

Textile gallery

Having seen the process of fleece to fabric, you can view examples of the end produce in the Textile Gallery.

A selection of outfits from the Celtic Couture (by Dr Sheila Harri) collection created during the 1960 and 1970s are on display.

Made from flannel purchased here at Cambrian Mills, this is a collection borne from a passion for Welsh flannel.

Textile gallery

It stemmed from fond childhood memories of a close family and desire to retain a Welsh identity when far from home.

These outfits put a twist on traditional Welsh cloth.

The collection includes outfits typical of the times, but with a difference – flannel hot pants and mini dresses, to a ‘sporty’ look and a Mabinogi inspired collection.

Textile gallery

The collections were all designed to create a modern, simple and stylish look whilst respecting the nature of woollen cloth.

There is also a collection of shawls, traditional flannel shirts, quilts including some produced by Cambrian Mills during 1960s and 1970s, and blankets from the different mills of Wales.